Literary Gold Interview




When did you first consider yourself to be a writer?


I think the first time I really considered myself to be a writer was when I wrote my book, Princes and Kings. When I published it and saw it begin to generate sales I truly felt like an author.


What advice do you have for a new writer?


For any aspiring writer, write from the heart. The saying, “write what you know,” is true. If you write what you are passionate about it will come out in your writing.


What is the easiest part of the writing process for you?


I have always had a big imagination, so writing characters and their stories has always come fairly easy for me. I also find writing dialog to be fun and easy because as a blind person, the more dialog the better both in a book as well as in a film or TV show.


What is your favorite part of this story?


I like so many parts of the story. But I think if I had to pick one, it would be the scene with the character, Owain, my main character’s older brother and their father, Gruffudd when Gruffudd tries to escape their cell in The Tower of London and dies in the process. Writing the dialog for that scene was challenging in a good way and writing the emotions that Owain felt while he sat over his father’s body was some of the most interesting writing I did for this book.


Which character was the most fun to write about? Why?


I loved writing about so many characters in this book. The main character, Llywelyn was very interesting and fun to write about, but I also enjoyed writing about his older brother Owain. He was hot headed and tended to speak out when it would be better to keep quiet; where Llywelyn was much more diplomatic and level headed. It is what made him such a good leader.


Which character was the hardest to write about? Why?


Rhodri, Llywelyn’s youngest brother was difficult to write about because there wasn’t much about him in the notes I was working with. That being said, there wasn’t much more about his second youngest brother, Dafydd either. So I would have to say they were both the hardest characters to write because I had  to use my  imagination mostly to create them.




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