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Sydney Williams

Sydney has a big imagination and has been writing and performing from a young age. After going blind from Leukemia at the age of three, she found release from the medical part of her life through her music and her writing. In high school she excelled in English and history and after she left school she continued to write and to create her music. She formed her band, The Undercurrents with her best friend and drummer, Alex Nacci at the age of 22 and has been playing music with the band ever since.

Her book, Princes and Kings, is her first professional novel and it is book one of the historical fiction series she is writing titled, A Rose in A Thorn Bush about the last king of Wales. She was introduced to her main character in high school and with the encouragement of her Business Abilities coach she finely decided to write his story. Splitting the story into three books. Sydney has always enjoyed reading historical fiction and has found it an interesting genre to write in. After her series is finished she plans to continue writing about different historical British characters for as long as she can. Being Welsh on her father’s side and Scottish and English on her mother’s Britain is a place that interests her greatly and she has enjoyed writing about one of its characters. Giving her a chance to explore her heritage in a fun and exciting way and she looks forward to sharing her passion for the genre and the history of the British Isles with the world.

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I was inspired to write this book because I love historical fiction and the land of Wales is very close to me because of my heritage, and so writing about one of their legends felt like a way to get to know the country a little better and get in touch with my heritage at the same time.

When I started writing Princes and Kings, I started with the main character. I was introduced to Llywelyn through a history course I was doing in grade 12, and fell in love with the character’s story.

The title, Princes and Kings, simply states what the story is based on. Rulers of Wales were often referred to as princes, and rulers of England were kings. Much of the story involves the relationship between my main character’s family and the king of England, Henry III of England.

When writing this book, I learned how to delve into a story in a way I have never done before. I have been writing since childhood, but this is the first time I have worked on something with such focus and have been able to lose myself in the characters I have created out of a few pages of notes.

Princes and Kings Book One in the _A Rose in A Thorn Bush_ series by Sydney Williams